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The "expeditionary army of today" is a modern and long-range troops that it readjusts to a goal of 68,500 officials, 12,000 officials of the authorization, and on 400,000 listed soldiers.

The men and the women of the army work in many types of works, extending of the general administration to the operation and the maintenance of many thousands of the army of arms, vehicles, airplane, and electronic systems highly technicians.

The soldiers, working in equipment, accomplish the mission of the army to protect the security of the United States and their vital resources. The army is constantly stopped ready to defend American interests anywhere and the interests of our allies with operations land-based in the world.

The army needs to approximately 80,000 to 90,000 enlistees new and 7,000 new officials every year. Those that they list in the army will find hundreds of the desafiadoras opportunities of the race that can ofreceros a course of the life of the security and the enthusiasm and its families.

The individual soldier, the official noncommissioned (NCO), and the official do the work falsified of the technology of the army. Tanks work, they fly the helicopters, and they send the missiles. They construct the bridges, they calibrate and they work the computers, and they apply to the tools outposts and the methods to solve critical problems.

Working together, these elements allow the army to accomplish their mission to dissuade war and being prepared to fight and triumph if fall of the dissuasion.