Sales and Stock Specialists

Sales and Stock Specialists

The military operates retail stores that sell food and merchandise to make it easier for personnel to obtain whatever they need where they are stationed. Sales and stock specialists perform a variety of duties to support the operation of these stores whether working aboard a ship or overseas in a remote location.

What They Do:

Sales and stock specialists in the military perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Order and receive merchandise and food for retail sales
  • Inspect food and merchandise for spoilage or damage
  • Price retail sales items, using stamping machines
  • Stock shelves and racks for the display of products
  • Count merchandise and supplies during inventory checks
  • Operate cash registers
  • Record money received and prepare bank deposits

Training Provided:

  • Job training consists of classroom instruction for some specialties. For others, training occurs on the job. Further training occurs on the job. Course content includes:
  • Stock procedures
  • Record keeping and bookkeeping procedures

Helpful Attributes:

Helpful school subjects include bookkeeping, and mathematics. Helpful attributes include:
  • Ability to use cash registers, and calculators
  • Interest in working with people

Work Environment:

Sales and stock specialists work on land and aboard ships in retail stores, and storerooms