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Store Managers

Store Managers

The military operates retail stores for the convenience of service men and women. In some areas, particularly overseas, the goods and services offered at military stores, laundries, and barbershops are not otherwise available. Store managers direct the operation of retail service, food, and merchandise outlets.

What They Do:

Store managers in the military perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Direct personnel in purchasing, pricing, and selling food, supplies, and equipment
  • Direct personnel in receiving, storing, and issuing supplies and equipment
  • Supervise the inspection, care, and testing of products before their use or sale
  • Plan training programs for new workers
  • Direct inventory, accounting, and other record keeping activities
  • Plan and prepare store budgets

Training Provided:

Job training consists of classroom instruction. Training length varies depending on specialty. Course content typically includes:
  • Accounting and record keeping
  • Inventory control
  • Retail store and warehouse management
  • Personnel and office administration
  • Budget management

Work Environment:

Store managers work in retail stores or warehouses on land and aboard ships.

Civilian Counterparts:

Civilian store managers may work in many kinds of retail businesses. Some manage grocery, department, discount, and other large stores. Others manage warehouses that receive, store, and issue merchandise and supplies for retail outlets. Civilian store managers perform duties similar to those performed in the military. They may also be called retail store managers and distribution warehouse managers.