Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Graphic Designers and Illustrators

The military produces many publications, such as training manuals, newspapers, reports, and promotional materials. Graphic artwork is used in these publications and for signs, charts, posters, and TV and motion picture productions. Graphic designers and illustrators produce graphic artwork, drawings, and other visual displays.

Job Details:

What They Do:

Graphic designers and illustrators in the military perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Produce computer-generated graphics
  • Draw graphs and charts to represent budgets, numbers of troops, supply levels, and office organization
  • Develop ideas and design posters and signs
  • Help instructors design artwork for training courses
  • Draw illustrations and cartoons for filmstrips and animation for films
  • Make silkscreen prints
  • Work with TV and film producers to design backdrops and props for film sets

Work Environment:

Graphic designers and illustrators usually work in offices on land or aboard ships.

Helpful Attributes:

Helpful school subjects include art, drafting, and geometry. Helpful attributes include:
  • Ability to convert ideas into visual presentations
  • Interest in artwork or lettering
  • Neatness and an eye for detail


The services have about 1,000 graphic designers and illustrators. Each year, they need new designers and illustrators due to changes in personnel and the demands of the field. After job training, graphic designers prepare tables, signs, and graphics under close supervision. With experience, they help formulate and produce more complex designs. In time, they may supervise others and lead large projects. Eventually, they may manage graphics departments.