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Military glossary - Letter G


Gamma rays
(DOD) High energy electromagnetic radiation emitted from atomic nuclei during a nuclear reaction. Gamma rays and very high energy X-rays differ only in origin. X-rays do not originate from atomic nuclei but are produced in other ways.

Gated laser intensifier
(DOD) This is part of the AC-130 low light level television (LLLTV) targeting system and is used as an alternate source of IR illumination. It also has the capability to illuminate and identify IR ("GLINT") tape worn by friendly ground forces. The drawback of the GLINT is it highlights the aircraft to enemy forces using night vision devices.

See Global Command and Control System.

General stopping power
(DOD, NATO) The percentage of a group of vehicles in battle formation likely to be stopped by mines when attempting to cross a minefield.

General support rocket system
(DOD) A multiple rocket launcher system that supplements cannon artillery by delivery of large quantities of firepower in a short time against critical, time-sensitive targets.

(DOD, NATO) A worldwide position reference system that may be applied to any map or chart graduated in latitude and longitude regardless of projection. It is a method of expressing latitude and longitude in a form suitable for rapid reporting and plotting. (This term is derived from the words "The World Geographic Reference System.")

See gated laser intensifier.

Goldie lock
(DOD) The term, peculiar to air support radar team operations, indicating ground controller has electronic control of the aircraft.

Graticule ticks
(DOD, NATO) In cartography, short

Grey propaganda
lines indicating where selected meridians and parallels intersect. (DOD) Propaganda that does not specifically identify any source.

Grossly transportation feasible
(DOD) A determination made by the supported commander that a draft operation plan can be supported with the apportioned transportation assets. This determination is made by using a transportation feasibility estimator to simulate movement of personnel and cargo from port of embarkation to port of debarkation within a specified time frame.

Ground readiness
(DOD) That status wherein aircraft can be armed and serviced and personnel alerted to take off within a specified length of time after receiving orders.

Guerrilla warfare
(DOD, NATO) Military and paramilitary operations conducted in enemy-held or hostile territory by irregular, predominantly indigenous forces.

Guided missile equipment carrier
(DOD) A self-propelled, full-tracked, amphibious, air transportable, unarmored carrier for various guided missile systems and their equipment.

Gun-target line
(DOD, NATO) An imaginary straight line from gun to target.

Gyro-magnetic compass
(DOD) A directional gyroscope whose azimuth scale is maintained in alignment with the magnetic meridian by a magnetic detector unit.