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Military glossary - Letter O


Oblique air photograph strip
(DOD) Photographic strip composed of oblique air photographs.

Obstacle restricted areas
(DOD) A command and control measure used to limit the type or number of obstacles within an area.

Ocean station ship
(DOD, NATO) A ship assigned to operate within a specified area to provide several services, including search and rescue, meteorological information, navigational aid, and communications facilities.

Officer in tactical command
(DOD, NATO) In maritime usage, the senior officer present eligible to assume command, or the officer to whom he has delegated tactical command.

Offshore petroleum discharge system
(DOD) Provides a semipermanent, all-weather facility for bulk transfer of petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) directly from an offshore tanker to a beach termination unit (BTU) located immediately inland from the high watermark. POL then is either transported inland or stored in the beach support area. Major offshore petroleum discharge systems (OPDS) components are: the OPDS tanker with booster pumps and spread mooring winches; a recoverable single anchor leg mooring (SALM) to accommodate tankers of up to 70,000 deadweight tons; ship to SALM hose lines; up to 4 miles of 6-inch (internal diameter) conduit for pumping to the beach; and two BTUs to interface with the shoreside systems. OPDS can support a two line system for multiproduct discharge, but ship standoff distance is reduced from 4 to 2 miles.

On the deck
(DOD) At minimum altitude.

Open unimproved wet space
(DOD) That water area specifically allotted to and usable for storage of floating equipment.

Operational readiness evaluation
(DOD, NATO) An evaluation of the operational capability and effectiveness of a unit or any portion thereof.

See operation plan.

See operations security.

Orbit determination
(DOD) The process of describing the past, present, or predicted position of a satellite in terms of orbital parameters.

Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
(DOD) A network of 13 regional organized crime drug enforcement task forces designed to coordinate Federal law enforcement efforts to combat the national and international organizations that cultivate, process, and distribute illicit drugs.

Other war reserve materiel requirement, protectable
(DOD) The portion of the other war reserve materiel requirement which is protected for purposes of procurement, funding, and inventory management.

Overhead clearance
(DOD, NATO) The vertical distance between the route surface and any obstruction above it.

Overt operation
(DOD) An operation conducted openly, without concealment.

Overt peacetime psychological operations programs
(DOD) Those programs developed by combatant commands, in coordination with the chiefs of US diplomatic missions, that plan, support, and provide for the conduct, during military operations other than war, of psychological operations in support of US regional objectives, policies, interests, and theater military missions.