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Military glossary - Letter Q


(DOD, NATO) A classified message relating to navigational dangers, navigational aids, mined areas, and searched or swept channels.

(DOD) A system of preplanned shipping lanes in mined or potentially mined waters used to minimize the area the mine countermeasures commander has to keep clear of mines to provide safe passage for friendly shipping.

See decoy ship.

Quadrant elevation
(DOD, NATO) The angle between the horizontal plane and the axis of the bore when the weapon is laid. (DOD) It is the algebraic sum of the elevation, angle of site, and complementary angle of site.

Qualifying years creditable for retirement pay
(DOD) The time a Guardsman or reservist must serve to be eligible for retired pay at age 60. Individuals must have at least 20 years of service in which they receive at least 50 retirement points a year, and the last eight years of service must be served in a reserve component.