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Military glossary - Letter V


Value engineering
(DOD) An organized effort directed at analyzing the function of Department of Defense systems, equipment, facilities, procedures and supplies for the purpose of achieving the required function at the lowest total cost of effective ownership, consistent with requirements for performance, reliability, quality, and maintainability.

Vectored attack
(DOD, NATO) Attack in which a weapon carrier (air, surface, or subsurface) not holding contact on the target, is vectored to the weapon delivery point by a unit (air, surface or subsurface) which holds contact on the target.

Vertical and/or short takeoff and landing
(DOD) Vertical and/or short takeoff and landing capability for aircraft.

Vertical/short takeoff and landing aircraft
(DOD, NATO) An aircraft capable of executing a vertical takeoff and landing, a short takeoff and landing or any combination of these modes of operation.

Very seriously ill or injured
(DOD) The casualty status of a person whose illness or injury is classified by medical authority to be of such severity that life is imminently endangered.

(DOD, NATO) A method of producing a band of color or tone on a map or chart, the density of which is reduced uniformly from edge to edge.

Visual mine firing indicator
(DOD, NATO) A device used with exercise mines to indicate that the mine would have detonated had it been poised.

Voice call sign
(DOD, NATO) A call sign provided primarily for voice communication.

See vertical/short takeoff and landing aircraft.

Vulnerability analysis
(DOD) In information operations, a systematic examination of an information system or product to determine the adequacy of security measures, identify security deficiencies, provide data from which to predict the effectiveness of proposed security measures, and confirm the adequacy of such measures after implementation.

Vulnerable point
See vital area.