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Military glossary - Letter W


War air service program
(DOD) The program designed to provide for the maintenance of essential civil air routes and services, and to provide for the distribution and re-distribution of air-carrier aircraft among civil air transportation carriers after withdrawal of aircraft allocated to the Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

Warehouse chart
See planograph.

See wartime manpower planning system.

WARNING ORDER (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
(DOD) A crisis action planning directive issued by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that initiates the development and evaluation of courses of action by a supported commander and requests that a commander's estimate be submitted.

War reserve stocks for allies
(DOD) A Department of Defense program to have the Services procure or retain in their inventories those minimum stockpiles of materiel such as munitions, equipment, and combat essential consumables to ensure support for selected allied forces in time of war, until future in-country production and external resupply can meet the estimated combat consumption.

Waterspace management
(DOD, NATO) The allocation of surface and underwater spaces into areas and the implementation of agreed procedures to permit the coordination of assets, with the aim of preventing mutual interference between submarines or between submarines and other assets, while enabling optimum use to be made of all antisubmarine warfare assets involved.

Weapon debris (nuclear)
(DOD, NATO) The residue of a nuclear weapon after it has exploded; that is, materials used for the casing and other components of the weapon, plus unexpended plutonium or uranium, together with fission products.

Weapons recommendation sheet
(DOD, NATO) A sheet or chart which defines the intention of the attack, and recommends the nature of weapons, and resulting damage expected, tonnage, fuzing, spacing, desired mean points of impact, and intervals of reattack.

Weather (VAT B)
(DOD) Short form weather report, giving: a. V--Visibility in miles. b. A--Amount of clouds, in eights. c. T--Height of cloud top, in thousands of feet. d. B--Height of cloud base, in thousands of feet. (The reply is a series of four numbers preceded by the word "weather." An unknown item is reported as "unknown.")

See weapon engagement zone.

Wheel load capacity
(DOD) The capacity of airfield runways, taxiways, parking areas, or roadways to bear the pressures exerted by aircraft or vehicles in a gross weight static configuration.

See wounded in action.

See weapons of mass destruction.

World geographic reference system
See georef.

Wreckage locator chart
(DOD) A chart indicating the geographic location of all known aircraft wreckage sites, and all known vessel wrecks which show above low water or which can be seen from the air. It consists of a visual plot of each wreckage, numbered in chronological order, and cross referenced with a wreckage locator file containing all pertinent data concerning the wreckage.