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Air Force Jobs

Air Force Jobs

If your professional expertise is in the field of aviation, please know that there are an abundance of good paying aviation jobs on today's market and they are in high demand.

Aviation Jobs: What is Your Field of Aviation Expertise?

There are also an abundance of aviation and aerospace jobs available through military employment agencies on the internet, plus Aviation Employment Agencies. Aviation and aerospace jobs entail a wide range of jobs and those who are looking for employment in this field will have research their field specific. There are recruitment agencies, such as military employment agencies and who will closely match the person with the job suitable for them in their field of interest. There are more aviation positions available on today's market, such as,
  • Public airline pilots for various airline companies
  • General labor for aircraft
  • Program managers
  • Product engineers
  • Reliability analyst
  • Maintenance controller
  • Technical support
  • Repair
  • Aviation technicians
  • Aviation mechanics
  • Skilled aviation engineers
  • Cargo/passenger charters
  • Aviation manufacturing
  • Aircraft spares
  • Services
  • Logistics support and many more as the list is endless for possibilities

Aviation and Aerospace Candidates Have Location Choices

The candidate for any number of aviation jobs can also search for jobs according to locations that they would like to work. Aviation jobs are in demand in just about any country such as, Scotland, England, Wales and many more countries. The United States has numerous job opportunities throughout the states such as, South Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. The aviation job candidate can pick just about any state in the union and an aviation employment agency or a military employment agency can find a job for the candidate. Jobs in just about all states are searching for skilled aviation professionals.

Hot Aviation Jobs are in Demand for Many Companies

Never before has there been such a need to fill jobs in the wide field of aviation. Certain companies are always in need of aviation professionals. The list of corporations is also endless. A few of these companies are as follows:
  • Michelin
  • Ramstad Engineering
  • Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation
  • Oakridge National Laboratory
  • Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
  • Diamond Aircraft
  • Cirrus Aircraft

What are some of the Hot Aviation Jobs in the Market Today?
  • Electronics Technician
  • Composite Technician
  • Line Maintenance technicians
  • Turbine Engine Mechanics
  • Sheet Metal workers
  • Avionics Technicians
  • Aviation Sales
  • Flight Logistics Coordinator
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Warehouse and Shipping Manager
  • Bell Component Overhaul Mechanic
  • Piston Aircraft Mechanics
  • Chief Inspector or Technician
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Aviation Physician

Even though there are plenty of jobs available in the public sector, it is the military that has the widest variety of aviation job opportunities in any state or country that the candidate would like to work and live. It is easy to locate jobs when the candidate goes to "search government jobs", an employment agencies websites. Through these agencies the candidate can search by industry and or location.

Military jobs can be found through the military jobs website for the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Infantry Officer. This process is the easiest way to find military jobs in the candidate's field of expertise as listed in some of the areas above.

The military has the widest door of opportunities for aviation candidates from technician in all areas to physicians. The military is able to place skilled professionals in aviation, defense, Government, telecommunications, Biotechnology, Biotechnology and many more areas of expertise. The military is known to have the best offering of opportunities.