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Military Job Interview Tips

Military Job Interview Tips

Considering joining the military? Congratulations for considering this noble and much-respected career option. Once you've made the decision to become a military man or woman you'll need to sign up and speak to a recruiter.

Tips and Tricks for Acing a Military Interview

Speaking to a military recruiter and, essentially, taking part in a military interview can be a difficult and stressful event. Don't worry, we have a few tips that will help you ace the interview and impress even the most hardened, disciplined army recruiter. The trick of an army interview is to, first and foremost, understand the process is, essentially, a personality test. Once you hone in on that fact you can alter your interviewing style accordingly by using these tips.

Be Succinct

The interview process for the military is like the interview process for anything else; just a bit stricter. You'll like be asked some hard-hitting questions, but most military personnel will kick off the interview with a simple command; "Tell me about yourself". This question is not meant to be an "ice-breaker"; rather it is used to judge just how confident and succinct you, as a person, can be. Focus on creating a quick overview of your life.

This overview should be a quick breakdown of where you are from, how you were educated, your strengths and the reason you are in the interview chair today. Something along the lines of; "I was born and raised in NY. During my teen year I enjoyed academics and consider myself to be an organized and well-educated individual. My interest in academia led me to research the military and I believe my disciplined personality make me an ideal fit for a career in this field."

Come Prepared

Military interviews are often considered job interview assessments Unlike traditional interviews, these assessments are used to scope out your personality and garner a better feel for you as a candidate. This is done in military interviews because the services have many different types of jobs to fill. You might not have the personality to maintain air force planes, but you might make an excellent cook. These assessments are important in the placement of the right persons into the right positions; a necessity when people's lives are at stake.

During a military interview show up prepared and answer the questions honestly. Honesty is going to be the key to getting the right fit for you and that is exactly what you want. You'll be asked questions pertaining to what type of military jobs you are interested in, the experience you've already had, your likes and dislikes and your strengths and weaknesses. Show up to this prepared and you'll do just fine.

Act Positive and Self-Assured

A positive attitude and confidence is an extremely attractive trait for military jobs. These traits mean you can handle yourself well in tough situations; a necessity when it comes to the military. The person interviewing you; often a recruiter, knows how difficult, nerve-wracking and stressful the interview process is. After all, they've been there too. They'll be truly impressed by a candidate who's confidence is not swayed. Remember, even if something goes wrong the interview do not sweat it; if a small mistake throws you off your game it will read poorly to the interviewer.

The Bottom Line

The process of joining the military is unlike any other process in the world. In a way, you aren't signing up to interview for a job, you are signing up for a new way of life. Interviewers know this and try hard to weed out individuals who simply don't seem too attracted to a "way of life", but rather are simply "looking for a job". Use these interview tips the next time you sit down with a military interviewer and you'll find yourself quickly on the path to the military job of your dreams.