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Small classrooms, personal attention and discipline to one's studies motivate each cadet to reach his potential. The rigorous core curriculum, based on the University of California's entrance requirements, is taught through a carefully developed learning system. Recognizing that each cadet learns differently, on average the student ratio of 1:15 allows for customized strategies and tutoring. Classes and exposure to fine art, drama, and music allows each cadet to explore and express his creative side.

The Academy promotes discipline and leadership through character development lessons. This is provided through our Leadership Education Training (LET) classes which includes the US Army's Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program. These lessons extend outside of our classrooms and into other aspects of young men's lives. A cadet's experience in athletics, clubs, and residential life reinforces teamwork, lasting friendships, and ongoing personal growth.

Our mission is to educate and develop young men of good character to lead lives of service and excellence.

The Army and Navy Academy will be a premier, internationally recognized boarding school for young men and will be known for its academic excellence. The Academy's military foundation will enable its cadets to develop leadership skills and character traits necessary to succeed in life.

In order to fulfill its mission, vision, and philosophy, the Army and Navy Academy will apply the following core values in all that it teaches cadets: leadership, excellence, honor, responsibility, loyalty, and compassion.

The Army and Navy Academy cadet will . . .

Develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and independent thought through a rigorous academic core that prepares each cadet for the challenges of a post-secondary education;

Become an information-literate student who can gather, evaluate, and analyze facts in order to draw meaningful and valid conclusions in an ethical manner;

Demonstrate an understanding of civic responsibilities and a commitment to service;

Relate successfully to others, accept responsibility, demonstrate empathy, and adapt to change as he faces the problems that confront him now and in the future;

Develop mature habits and skills that promote life-long good emotional health;

Develop an appreciation for cultural diversity in our modern world.

School name:ARMY and NAVY ACADEMY
Address:P.O. Box 3000
Zip & city:CA 92018-3000 California

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ARMY and NAVY ACADEMY Military School Location

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