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Benedictine High School

Benedictine was founded in 1911, under the name of Benedictine College, by a group of Benedictine monks from Belmont Abbey in North Carolina. Seeking to continue the work of their founder by establishing learning and culture, they came to Richmond to establish a Catholic high school for boys. They adopted the successful and prestigious military academy type model, which also meshed quite well with the monastic life of the monks. The order, discipline, and hierarchy of the military is very much analogous to the structures in the monastery and the Church. The aim was, and continues to be, to form young men in body and soul--to nourish a love of Truth, foster the life of virtue, and promote a healthy life.

The name Benedictine is synonymous with Catholic values, academic excellence, leadership, and service. As a Catholic school, we believe in exemplifying and conveying the basic tenets and values of the Faith. They should guide our conduct in everyday life.
As an academic preparatory school, our curriculum and standards are established to prepare our graduates for study at a quality four-year institutionof higher learning.
As a school for young men, we nurture esprit de corps, camaraderie, and loyalty to our school and each other. We want our young men to grow intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To that end we expect our students to participate in a broad range of available curricular and co-curricular activities.
As a military school, we are committed to developing skills in leadership, discipline teamwork, and responsibility. We also imbue in our cadets the unique set of traditions that link each generation of cadets.

Benedictine High School, Richmond’s only Catholic, military, boys’ school has enrollment of 267 students in grades 9-12. Our leadership program is grounded in the Army JROTC curriculum and provides an educational experience where students first learn to follow and then learn to lead.

Benedictine offers a traditional college preparatory secondary education in an atmosphere that promotes strong emphasis on moral values and a theological education based on Catholic-Christian teachings. We have an outstanding faculty of 33 dedicated educators, 52% of whom hold advanced degrees. Our average class size is 15 students and we have an 8-1 faculty-student ratio. Our Cadet Corps’ rating as a JROTC Unit of Distinction permits the headmaster to nominate three Cadets to each of the national service academies as well as for ROTC scholarships.

In addition to numerous honors courses throughout the curriculum, Benedictine offers ten AP courses in the following areas: Art, Biology, Economics Micro/Macro, Calculus AB and BC, Latin, US History, Government, and English. In addition to our Latin program, Spanish and French are offered through Level V.

Typically 90% of our seniors attend four year colleges including such schools as the following: University of Virginia, William and Mary, VMI, University of Richmond, Clemson, Hampden-Sydney, Randolph-Macon, James Madison, George Mason University, and Tulane University.

The Cadets of Benedictine High School participate in activities and events that go far beyond typical extracurricular activities. Each class makes a retreat each year, they partake in the special liturgical events at Mary Mother of the Church Abbey, they can attend the March for Life, they can participate in a variety of clubs, and are heavily involved in community service. There are FTX's (Field Training eXercises) and summer camps sponsored by the military department. The military department also supports a rifle team and a Raider team. These are but a few of the opportunities a Cadet has at Benedictine, most of which are exclusively available at Benedictine.

The Benedictine High School military program is an approved Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program. The military curriculum is designed to prepare our young men for future challenges in education and in life. Our Corps of Cadets is an honor unit with distinction, which is the highest recognition a JROTC program can achieve.

Benedictine's Army JROTC program is designed to instill discipline and the values of honor, courage, commitment, kindness, responsibility, and accountability into our young men as they progress toward graduation from this great school. Our Cadets are expected to comply with a military standard of appearance. Cadets are trained to demonstrate proper military courtesy and respect and are expected to behave like gentlemen at all times. Our goal is for each Cadet to leave this school a better person by virtue of their tenure here.

Come join our Corps of Cadets and be a part of a long-standing tradition of excellence.

School name:Benedictine High School
Address:304 North Sheppard Street
Zip & city:VA 23221 Virginia

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