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Benedictine Military School

What are the elements that comprise a successful high school? Are they:
Outstanding SAT scores?
A winning athletic program?
The availability of Honors and Advanced Placement classes?
Outstancling college acceptances?
The abundance of scholarship offers?
All of these factors and more give evidence to the quality, academic, athletic and guidance programs that will insure a students success in high schcool and beyond. Certainly, you will find these elements in place at Benedictine Military School. Our record in each of these areas speaks for itself.

But something is missing from this list - that element that is difficult to describe, but absolutely essential to the education of a young man. That unique element is best described as the “spirit”of a school - the values that are embrased by students, parents, and faculty alike. This spirit sets a school apart and breathes life into the daily tasks of completing assignments, grading papers and taking tests.

How to best describe the indescribable spirit of Benedictine Military School? You have to look for it in the small places. It is found in the hearts and minds of faculty members who understand the unique traits and gifts of a young man and is committed to creating a special place where young men are encouraged to explore those traits. in a classroom where it is safe for a young man to take a risk, make a mistake, or voice a unique idea or opposing viewpoint,. . on the playing field or the drill field where a student is encouraged to ‘try on’ a leadership role and see how it fits. . . in the community where a young man is asked to respond to great need with great compassion - and action.
It is a spirit that understands that academic achievement is important, but useless without an equally well developed moral compass. A place wl-iere personal responsibility is not preached, but acted upon. Where successes and consequences are clearly defined and placed within each student’s grasp. Where respect is not a concept, but a way of life,
alike. This spirit sets a school apart and breathes life into the daily tasks of completing assignments, grading papers and taking tests.

School name:Benedictine Military School
Address:6502 Seawright Dr
Zip & city:GA 31406-0314 Georgia

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