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Camden Military Academy

The core of the Camden experience is the Academy's academic program. Camden enrolls young men in grades 7 through 12 as well as for a post graduate year. The academic program on the high school level is strictly college preparatory. All high school students must earn 24 units for graduation. These include 4 units of English (honors classes are available); 4 units of math (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II are required, pre-calculus, calculus and AP calculus are offered); 4 sciences, 3 of which must be lab sciences; 4.5 units of history; and 3 units of a modern foreign language - French and Spanish are offered. Students must also take a course in computer literacy and in JROTC. Additional units must be earned from approved academic electives.

The academic program is structured around a traditional class day, with all students taking six academic classes a day as well as JROTC. All class sections are small with typically fewer than 17 students in a class. Students are apprised of their academic progress every two weeks. Those students who earn less than a "C" for the two-week grading period in any class are required to attend a tutorial time with their teacher. In addition, a mandatory teacher-supervised study period is conducted five nights a week. All students are monitored, and assignments are checked. Students who maintain a "B" or better average may elect to study in the Cline Library. The library is available to other students during this time by faculty permission and is open daily to all students. The Academy encourages library use and has a full-time professional librarian available to assist in that usage.

The military program at Camden Military Academy provides one of the most beneficial aspects of campus life. The student body is organized into a Corps of Cadets consisting of four companies. Cadets live in their company area within the dormitories. An assistant commandant is assigned to each company and closely supervises the activities and life of the cadets within his company. He monitors each cadet's academic progress, conduct, and overall development and is readily available to cadets seeking advice or counsel.

Military training is valuable because it instills neatness, precision, promptness and self-control. It teaches a young man to take pride in his country. He learns to take orders before he is given the authority to give orders. Through this process, a cadet learns that he is responsible to his fellow students for his actions. As a cadet develops, he is given more responsibility. As part of the military program, the Academy requires that all high school cadets participate in the JROTC program and attend classes in leadership development. Camden Military Academy is designated as a Military Institute (MI) Junior Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) School and has consistently been rated as an Honor Unit with Distinction by the Department of the Army. The JROTC program requires students to participate in drill and ceremonies, and to attend two classes in leadership development per week. Seventh and eighth grade students, although not part of the JROTC program, are required to participate in all drill and ceremonies. The Cadet Challenge Program, the varsity rifle team, and the precision drill team are also supervised by the Military Department. Military training is unquestionably one of the great assets of Camden Military Academy.

School name:Camden Military Academy
Address:520 Hwy 1 North
Zip & city:SC 29020 South Carolina

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