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Carson Long Military Institute

Carson Long will change your life, as it has every young man who's gone before. Your life will change because you will be challenged; you will succeed because you will be motivated; and you will mature because you will achieve. As a cadet, we will get you into shape; show you how to study and manage time; teach you to work as a team member and put the interests of others before your own. You will become more than an educated man. You will become strong, sincere, and intensely earnest. People will know you as a good man and a man who is truly American. Carson Long will help you feel good about yourself and make your parents, grandparents and siblings proud.

That we give our boys excellent mental training is shown by the fact that we have been accredited over seventy-four years by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. With our small classes, our supervised study, our individual instruction, and our faithful, loyal teachers, we are able to develop strong and alert minds in our students. We regard education as vastly more than merely training the mind. It comprises, above all things, the molding of character, and that in turn encompasses the proper disciplining of the heart, the soul, the will and the body

The Heart
Mothers are great and sacred, not because they have knowledge of books, but because they have understanding hearts. Lincoln and Lee had great, tender hearts, and therein lay the secret of much of their power. We believe that education consists as much in the training of the heart as in the training of the mind. We teach our boys that an honest, sincere, loyal heart cannot fail. Our scientists have sufficient knowledge to destroy the world. We want to build hearts big enough to save the world. We want to light that "Spark of Greatness" in every boy on our campus.

The Soul
We believe intensely in religion and in the Spirit of Christ. We believe that "A man whose heart beats true will have the strength of ten men." We believe that "such triumphs as no mortals ever gained may yet be ours if we will but believe in our Creator and ourselves." The great men of the world have been intensely religious, and any man who has an intense faith in God, in himself, and in his fellowman cannot fail. He must leave the world better than he found it.

The Will
"An iron will of one strong man will make a thousand quail." We teach our boys that "What man has done, they can do"; that most things that "can 't be done" can be done; that we may be whatever we resolve to be; that nothing is impossible for the man with nerve and grit and true faith, and that defeat only makes strong men stronger. "Man is infinitely potential. There is hardly a thing he cannot accomplish," if he uses old rugged faith.

The Body
Many boys come to us with round shoulders, pale faces, and weak hand-shakes. Every weekday before breakfast, we have about ten minutes of deep breathing, stretching and bending exercises; and in addition, we have a regular period of snappy drill. Many of our boys change from slow, muddy-eyed, pale-faced weaklings into rosy-cheeked cadets, with clear eyes, good, strong hand-shakes and the power to dare and do. They become sturdy and straight, square-shouldered, self-reliant and strong - ready for a man's job in an unsteady world. We still believe in educating "the whole man." We want to develop a well-balanced man - mentally, physically, morally - a man you will be proud to call your son.

And all these qualities make for the one great essential - character, one of the greatest things in all the world. Lincoln and Lee are remembered for their simplicity and sincerity, Grant for his honesty and tenacity, McKinley for his tenderness and kindness, and Washington for his heroism.

These are the qualities which make men great everywhere and this is why Carson Long is so dedicated to develop the Whole Man and to make him not only an educated man but also a strong man, a sincere man, an intensely earnest man, a good man and a man who is truly American.

We regard character building as paramount in all true education. Mere knowledge is not in itself sufficient. Common sense, faith, grit, and good manners cannot be acquired from text-books; yet all these attributes, together with a keen sense of fair play and the habit of indefatigable industry, are comprehended in a complete education.

School name:Carson Long Military Institute
Address:200 North Carlisle St.
Zip & city: PA 17068-0098 Missouri

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Carson Long Military Institute Military School Location

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