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Culver Military Academy

The Culver Academies are independent college preparatory boarding schools comprised of Culver Military Academy and Culver Girls Academy. Henry Harrison Culver founded Culver Military Academy in 1894 "for the purpose of thoroughly preparing young men for the best colleges, scientific schools and businesses of America

In 1896, a fire at Missouri Military Academy brought about its consolidation with Culver, and with it came Missouri's headmaster, Col. Alexander Fleet, under whose guidance the Academy made rapid progress. By 1939, under the leadership of Gen. Leigh Gignilliat, Culver had achieved national and international prominence. Steady growth has continued throughout Culver's history.

Culver Girls Academy was founded in 1971, for the purpose of encouraging young women to attain the highest degree of self-development.

Culver Academy is more than an outstanding college preparatory school for boys in an ideal setting, with unparalleled facilities, and one of the most extensive academic and activity offerings available at the high-school level -- not to mention one of the finest athletic programs in the country.

With a focus on leadership training, Culver prepares you for college and the greater world beyond by encouraging you to develop your unique interests and talents, while helping you to move beyond self-imposed limitations. Our academic program is built on a thorough preparation for college. Outstanding teachers give you more individualized attention in a coeducational learning environment where student-teacher ratios rarely exceed 7:1, and class sizes range from 12 to 15 students.

Extensive academic, athletic, and extracurricular offerings allow you to explore options and advance according to your individual achievement and attitude, as well as find additional support in challenging areas. You may take advanced placement courses or pursue an independent study involving special papers and projects, recitals and art exhibits. Qualified students may enjoy the distinction of graduation with honors in a subject area of special competence.
Over 99% of Culver graduates go on to colleges and universities, some of them at the world's leading institutions such as Dartmouth, Princeton, Colorado-Boulder, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Yale, Northwestern, and Indiana University. Once there, they compete successfully for placement in advanced professional programs, athletics, and other constructive activities.

At Culver, you can do the things most young people will only dream about. You are encouraged to try new things, to test yourself. If you fail, there is no ridicule, only support to get up and try again until you get it right. Whether you want to learn to fly airplanes, participate in crew, fencing, theater, or ride in the renowned Black Horse Troop, Culver can help you develop the discipline, the skill, the confidence to do whatever you want to do. If you apply yourself, you will leave here with a clearer direction and confidence about your life goals than you ever thought possible. You'll find that discipline truly is freedom, and that the choices you make will take on a deeper, more satisfying meaning.


Seventeen of the 20 academically top-ranked students in the Class of 2002 gained admission to at least one of the 55 "most selective" colleges in the U.S.

In May, 2002, the boys lacrosse team and the girls lacrosse team, in its inaugural year, both won the Indiana High School Lacrosse State Championships.

Since 1963, 43 Culver graduates have been selected for the Morehead Scholarship, a four-year, full, undergraduate merit scholarship for gifted student-leaders to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In the eight years Culver has participated, 22 of 23 Culver applicants have won the English Speaking Union Scholarship, a merit based scholarship for a post- graduate year at an English preparatory school.

All students have a wireless Dell laptop computer as part of the school-wide
initiative to bring technology into the classrooms. Culver provides the computers at no additional cost to the family.

Each Leadership Rotation (three per year) allows 157 boys and girls to hold
significant leadership positions within the military system (boys) and prefect
system (girls).

Culver offers the largest secondary school aviation program in the U.S. Fleet Field, the on-campus airport managed by FAA-approved instructors, offers ground and flight training that leads to the private pilot license

The Huffington Library, one of the ten largest secondary school libraries in the
country, houses 50,000 volumes and the latest educational technology.

School name:Culver Military Academy
Address:1300 Academy Rd.
Zip & city:IN 46511-1291 Indiana

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