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Department of military science (University of North Dakota)

The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps is an opportunity for students to receive military training and experience without obligation or fees. Also, students who would like a job after college can receive an Army commission through the program and become an officer in either the reserves or active duty upon graduation. Over 70% of the commissioned officers in the United States Army went through Army ROTC.

The unique idea behind Army ROTC is that it is a class, like any other university class. Just by taking Military Science classes, a student is not obligated to do anything for the Army. Just like any other class, a student can withdraw at any point in the semester, so long as they are not contracted. A student does not have to contract if he or she does not want to. What sets Army ROTC apart from a normal class? Fun, excitement, and SCHOLARSHIPS are just a few words that students taking ROTC use.

ROTC students learn to lead and handle complex situations. They use the skills gained from ROTC to lead their peers, navigate in the forest using a topographical map and compass, and accuractely fire and qualify with the M16A2 rifle just to name a few. Students also get the chance to fly in Army helicopters during field training events. Some students even receive a scholarship to learn to fly helicopters themselves. ROTC students do not have to pay any fees for these exciting activities. Even uniforms and books are provided by the Army at no fee to the students.

School name:Department of military science (University of North Dakota)
Address:Gustafson Hall - Room 103, 3264 Campus Road - Stop 9021
Zip & city:ND 58202 North Dakota
Phone:(877) 768-7682

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