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Eagle Military Academy

Eagle Military Academy was founded by Colonel Nathaniel R. Green, Commandant of Cadets, in 2002. The Academy began with eight students and it has since grown to 115 students. Colonel Green, and his wife Mildred, are dedicated to building an academy of young men with academic excellence and the character qualities of discipline, wisdom, integrity and honor. Eagle Military Academy specializes in individualized education and character development. We give our cadets exposure to opportunities that exists in choosing a career with the military services. Each student is given individual attention, both academically, emotionally, and spiritually each day. The purpose of this academy is to bring each cadet to his fullest potential and to prepare leaders for our nation in the future. Our school will continue to strive for excellence in every aspect in order to ensure that our cadets are prepared to be future leaders of America.

The purpose of the academy is to educate and train the whole student. We believe that man is made up of three parts: body, soul and spirit. Therefore, we strive to serve all of the students' needs in each area, enabling them to attain their goals and be successful in life. Our Goal in the academic area is to help each student reach mastery level in every subject. Mastery level is reaching a score of 80% on each test. We reach this goal by keeping in place a system of checks and balances, which holds the student and the teacher accountable in the educational process.

Students from the 3rd to 12th grade are part of the Military Academy. The goals of the Military program are to teach our cadets the following Character Traits:

1. Individual Self-Control
2. Citizenship
3. Integrity
4. Respect for Authority
5. Honor
6. Self-Management
7. Morals and Ethics
8. Professional Ethics
9. Self-Confidence
10. Listening Skills

Our cadets will develop these character traits as part of their day-to-day activities in the classroom and in field group activities. This will be coupled with a mastery education program that is individualized and that is college preparatory in nature.

The premise in Eagle Military Academy is fivefold:

1. Students must work at a level where they can perform
2. Reasonable goals must be set
3. Students must not only be controlled, but motivated
4. Learning must be measurable
5. Learning must be rewarded

Eagle Military Academy has taken a back to basics approach in the education of our students. We stress mastery of Reading, Writing, Grammar, English and Mathematics.

The school maintains an active military program which helps develop cadets' self-confidence and sense of responsibility. The program also teaches character, self discipline and integrity. Each cadet in grades 3 thru 12 is required to participate in all the military aspects of the program. Each cadet is taught to have an appreciation for all branches of the military service and is exposed to the many opportunities that the branches of service can provide as a career. Cadets are active in many activities such as:

1. Aerospace education, part of their daily class schedule
2. Leadership Training
3. Moral Leadership
4. Flight Orientation
5. Drug Demand Reduction and awareness
6. Field trips to various locations around the Nation
7. Drill Team and Rifle Team
8. Summer activities and summer encampment
9. Martial Arts Training and Self Defense
10. Basketball
11. Wrestling

Cadets are taught military bearing, self-discipline and responsibility as part of their daily activities. Cadets also learn how to work as a unit and how to be a team player.

School name:Eagle Military Academy
Address:8310-A Dorchester Road
Zip & city:SC 29418 South Carolina

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