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Forestville Military Academy

Forestville Military Academy, the first public military academy in the state of Maryland. Becoming a student of the academy will provide you with the opportunity and skills necessary to be successful in society. Some of the advantages you will receive by attending the academy are improved self esteem, greater self-discipline, and a more focused and determined academic outlook. These are just some of the skills necessary to become successful in college and in the world of corporate America. We are proud that Prince Georges County Public Schools provided the opportunity to bring this unique military program to you.
Forestville Military Academy is open to all students attending school in Prince Georges County. Students attending the surrounding middle schools have first priority. Students outside the Forestville Military Academy residential boundary area may apply and be considered for acceptance. For detailed information feel free to contact the school.

The Forestville Military Academy is a benchmark school in the Prince Georges County community that:
Offers a safe, disciplined, supportive, and vibrant learning environment.
Educates young men and women within a rigorous academic and military program.
Expects the highest level of overall student performance, thus exceeding the established norms.
Promotes life-long learning and leadership skills that intensify and broadens the students capabilities by developing their moral, mental, and physical character and stamina.

School name:Forestville Military Academy
Address:7001 Beltz Drive
Zip & city:MD 20747 Maryland

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