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Franklin Military Academy

Franklin Military Academy is, to our knowledge, the only publicly-funded military high school in the nation. The Franklin program is designed to allow all students to experience a regular academic course of study while participating in a Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (JROTC), or one of the Explorer Programs: Police or Firefighters.

Superintendent Richard Hunter and the Richmond School Board first began discussing the idea of a public military academy in 1976. Even before the school opened, a number of students, male and female, wanted to be a part of the experiment and eagerly signed up for admittance. Many parents telephoned requesting admittance of their sons and daughters who needed to be straightened out. In 1980, the school board voted to convert an empty school building into a military school and on August 15, 1980, the doors to Franklin were opened with ten highly dedicated teachers and 130 ninth grade students, adding a subsequent ninth grade class each year. By 1983, the school offered a complete high school program.

Students are enrolled in Franklin through an application process. Applications are received from students from all areas of the city. Bus transportation is provided by Richmond Public Schools for 95 percent of the student body; the other 5 percent live within one mile of the school and must walk.

Franklin Military Academy offers a structured environment with a dual program of academics and military training. All cadets who elect to attend Franklin must enroll in the JROTC program. The JROTC program is administered by retired military personnel who, like other teachers at the school, are licensed by the Commonwealth 's Department of Education.

The transfer and dropout rates at Franklin are minimal. Most students feel that the educational experience offered is adequate and seem to enjoy school life. In addition to academic and leadership excellence, emphasis is placed on self-discipline and self-control, respect for authority figures, acceptance of self-responsibility, and character development. All cadets are required to wear the designated military uniform daily, conform to military grooming standards, and follow military protocol.

Although Franklin is a natural channel for students interested in pursuing a military career, the structured environment facilitates providing the foundation for graduates to become successful in the work force and in higher education, as well as the military. Cadets develop the skills necessary to become better citizens and community leaders.

The teachers at Franklin are committed to an educational program that recognizes the talents, abilities, and interests of the individual and encourage the realization of maximum potential. Our aim is to ensure that each student learns to respect the rights and values of others, while accepting responsibility for their own actions.

Franklin Military Academy's mission as an alternative program is to allow students to experience a regular academic course of study as well as participate in the Junior Reserve Office Training Corps (JROTC), Police and Firefighter Explorer programs.

The primary objectives of Franklin Military Academy are:

1. to provide an alternative school to motivate and meet the needs and interests of high school students;
2. to develop in students a strong sense of integrity, responsibility, respect for constituted authority;
3. to develop leadership, physical fitness, academic potentials, and an appreciation for educational opportunities in a military-type environment
4. to develop academic and military skills necessary to function effectively in society and/or as a member of a military team;
5. to provide a dual program (academic and military/police/firefighters) of instruction for students;
6. to provide for the personal, social, academic, and career development of students through a sequential guidance program.

School name:Franklin Military Academy
Address:701 North 37th Street
Zip & city:VA 23223 Virginia

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