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Georgia Military College

Since being established in 1879, Georgia Military College has remained committed to a fundamental value: belief in the importance of every person and in full development of the talents of every American citizen.

Today, in keeping with its founding principles, Georgia Military College strives to reduce barriers to higher education, to make it easier for students with modest means to earn a college degree, and to evolve a curriculum to meet an array of personal, economic, and societal needs.

Georgia Military College is a co-educational, accredited, liberal arts, junior college that opens its doors to qualified and highly motivated high school graduates who are determined to earn a college degree.

Ninety-five percent of those enrolled at Georgia Military College are commuting students who balance attending college with holding down jobs and taking care of families.
Only five percent of Georgia Military College students study in residence. Members of this small group are enrolled in a highly regarded junior college military science program that culminates at the end of two years of study and training with a select few men and women being commissioned as officers in the U.S. Army.

An experienced and caring Georgia Military College faculty does its best work with students who need to refresh or develop basic academic skills before enrolling in a full schedule of college-level work. The same faculty is also expert at turning around students who fall behind or struggle with their coursework.

Georgia Military College students transfer in impressive numbers to four-year colleges or universities in Georgia or elsewhere where they find they are fully competent to complete bachelor degree-level work. Others gratefully report the Associates Degree earned at Georgia Military College helped them advance in the workplace.

The mission of Georgia Military College is to produce educated, contributing citizens by providing its high school and middle school students an inclusive college preparatory curriculum and its college students a liberal arts based two-year undergraduate curriculum in an environment conducive to the holistic development of the intellect and character of its students.

Georgia Military College will be successful in the educational development of citizens through integration of two dimensions of education: development of the intellect and elevation of character. Possession of these two dimensions, which includes the capacity to act upon one’s knowledge, provide an individual the ability to function as a responsible citizen within a republic. Georgia Military College graduates shall have an appreciation for the centrality of education as a lifelong pursuit.

Georgia Military College will produce citizens who serve as role models by actively involving themselves in their communities and in the democratic process. This will be accomplished by creating and continually refining programs of formal study of ethics, providing time for reflection, and training students in right behaviors. The institution will encourage all members of the educational community - students, faculty, and staff - to work in partnership with the communities in which they live.
Georgia Military College graduates will understand the importance of and the need to respect the dignity and humanity of others. They will be sensitive to persons of diverse backgrounds, with different values and ways of communicating.

Concomitant with the accelerating growth of information and derived knowledge, the focus at Georgia Military College will be to teach students how to learn so as to increase their adaptability to changing conditions. Students will be taught to think critically and to have confidence in their abilities to act within a global environment.

Georgia Military College will possess quality faculty, staff, and facilities focused on the successful achievement of both dimensions of education. The primary focus of the faculty will be on excellence in teaching and the expansion of their knowledge and skills as teachers. The institutional staff will be student oriented and professionally competent. Facilities will reflect state of the art capabilities and will contribute directly to the creation and maintenance of the desired learning environment.

The academic mission of Georgia Military College involves the development of the intellect and the elevation of character. The learning based curriculum of the college is, therefore, a blend of expected student learning objectives of intellectual development in each course and in ethical development. This unique blend has characterized this institution almost since its founding in 1879 under a charter granted by the Georgia state legislature.

As a liberal arts community college, Georgia Military College has designed its degree programs to prepare students to transfer to senior level colleges or to enter specific career fields upon graduation. As you review the materials in the academic section of the catalog you will notice that the associate degrees of the college are all based in the liberal arts through a core curriculum identical in nature and thrust with almost every college in the United States. Preparation beyond the core in the specialized degrees varies depending upon the individual objectives you have set for your education.

In all degree areas the curriculum is based on the model that emphasizes student learning. In courses at Georgia Military College the learner is the essential focal point of the course with significant emphasis placed on mastery and assessment of student learning. We believe this unique approach will provide you a most dynamic educational experience.

School name:Georgia Military College
Address:201 E. Greene St.
Zip & city:GA 31061 Georgia

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