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The Army ROTC program commissioned thirteen officers on May 15, 2008. These officers have moved on to their careers in the Army with jobs varying from aviation to engineering, and from infantry to transportation, working at posts all over the nation and the world.

In summer 2008, the Military Science Department sent twenty-two cadets to the Army’s Leadership, Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Over 5,000 Army ROTC cadets from all over the nation attend this 33-day course after their junior year. The course incorporates a wide range of mentally and physically demanding events designed to develop and evaluate leadership ability. Overall LDAC scores are published using a three letter ranking system; E for Exceeds expectations, S for Satisfactory, and N for Non Satisfactory. Four of our cadets received an overall ranking of an E, which is highly competitive. Seven of our cadets received the Recondo badge, which is an award given to cadets who pass all events at LDAC with a 90% score or higher. Only 15 % of cadets nationwide earn the Recondo badge.

School name:LSU Army ROTC
Address:106 Military Science Building
Zip & city:LA 70803 Louisiana
Phone:(225) 578-2371

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