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Lyman Ward Military Academy

A high standard of discipline is the cornerstone of the entire military structure. It is formed through development of basic traits of honor, duty, courage and pride. It is characterized by attitudes of loyalty, courtesy, high morale and esprit de corps. Since group discipline must begin with self-discipline, it is natural that emphasis is placed on habits of neatness, promptness, orderliness, and military bearing. It is our purpose to maintain the highest standards of discipline at all times. To help us accomplish this purpose, we employ a system based upon the merit/demerit system. A cadet whose conduct is unsatisfactory by reason of violation of regulations or offenses against good order and discipline, will be punished immediately, appropriately and justly. Punishment is in the form of demerits, the loss of privileges, and the performance of extra duties. For repeated and continuous offenses, or for offenses more serious, a cadet will be punished as determined by the Commandant of Cadets. Such punishment may be in the form of restrictions, extra duty, or dismissal from the Academy.

Cadets should be rewarded for good behavior through the merit system. Merits may be awarded for outstanding performance, assisting teachers and staff, room appearance during inspections or other like duties. Merits earned can be used to receive weekend leaves, day passes, or other activities and events.

The cadets of Lyman Ward Military Academy are organized into a Battalion, commanded by a Cadet Battalion Commander and the Commandant of Cadets. Each Company is under the direction of a Cadet Company Commander and is under the direct supervision of a member of the Commandant of Cadets' staff, who serves as the student Tactical Officer for the Company.

School name:Lyman Ward Military Academy
Address:P.O. Drawer 550
Zip & city:AL 36850  Alabama

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