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Millersburg Military Institute

Millersburg Military Institute, founded in 1893 and established as the Military School of Kentucky, is one of the nation's oldest college preparatory military schools for boys grades 7-12. Military schools have a long and proud tradition in American history and were not designed solely for students planning military careers. MMI was among the earlier military schools established in America and began educating leaders for both the military and civilian communities 112 years ago. Our founder, Colonel Carl Meade Best, understood that the structured lifestyle inherent to military schools would not only benefit those interested in acquiring skills valued in both military and civilian leaders, but also benefit a nation. Since our establishment, we continue to maintain our promise of "Building Future Leaders....One at a Time."

The Faculty Advisor Program provides individual and group support to enable cadets to achieve at high levels. MMI's faculty is composed of full-time teachers, all of whom hold advanced degrees. Teachers are available for one-on-one conferences with cadets, and on a rotating basis, provide tutoring assistance in the evening study halls. Students may also receive help in the resource center. The MMI library is continually updating resources. Millersburg Military Institute helps every cadet develop skills and strategies to achieve academic success.

Millersburg is a college preparatory school for boys in grades 7 through 12. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language form the core of our academic program. Students pursue a rigorous curriculum designed to challenge, while simultaneously, developing creativity and intellectual maturity. The faculty provides both structure and a caring atmosphere for learning.

Classes at Millersburg are small in order to enhance the learning experience for all of our students. The goal of the school is to provide more than academic excellence in the topic at hand. The development of the intellectual capacity and desire to educate oneself in all topics is an integral part of the Millersburg experience. The love of learning is more than a watchword; it is a way of life. Academic achievement, along with Character Education and Community Service, give our graduates an edge in competing for entrance to prestigious colleges and universities.

If you are a student who appreciates the value of hard work, who looks forward to academic challenge, and who is interested in learning, we invite you to take a look at Millersburg.

School name:Millersburg Military Institute
Address:1122 Main Street
Zip & city:KY 40348 Kentucky

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