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North Georgia College & State University - The Military College of Georgia

North Georgia College & State University is a unique institution of higher education in that it is the only military, coeducational, state-supported, liberal arts college in existence. As one of six Senior Military Colleges (Norwich, VMI, Citadel, Texas A&M, and Virginia Tech), it has developed outstanding leaders for the armed forces and civilian sector throughout its 130-year history. NGCSU has produced 39 flag officers and many successful business CEO's and government officials.

NGCSU has traditionally won top honors at the ROTC Leadership Development and Assessment Course: a testament to the quality of the Corps of Cadets, the Military Science cadre, the Commandant's staff, and the university's faculty and staff.

The military traditions and atmosphere at NGCSU are hard to quantify. Perhaps they were best described by Colonel (US Army, Retired) Dandridge Malone in his article, Officer Accessions and the Natural State, when he wrote, "They (referring to the North Georgia College cadets) just looked, acted and talked like soldiers. Against the contextual backdrop of the West Pointer and the ROTC student, these young men stood out in a striking way. When they did things Army, it was just, by God, 'natural'. Not forced, not awkward ...natural."

North Georgia is the site for many exciting events such as the annual National Leadership Conference. The 2006 Leadership Conference focused on the future of military education in relation to the current operational environment of the United States Military. Keynote speakers included Secretary of the Army Dr. Francis J. Harvey, Chief of Staff of the Army General Peter Schoomaker, and Commander of the First Army and Joint Task Force Katrina, Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré. Conferences such as these held on the NGCSU Campus help shape the future of the United States Military.

North Georgia was selected by the prestigious Templeton's Guide as one of the few colleges in the nation as an institution that encourages character development.
The education and training in leadership you receive at NGCSU will be invaluable to you and your employers following graduation. You will have three years of leadership experience and a Leadership Minor to put on your resume.

NGCSU has a student body of approximately 4,500; 600 of which participate in the Corps of Cadets. This small student population fosters a close-knit college community and also allows for one of the lowest student to teacher ratios of any college in the University System of Georgia.
North Georgia has a unique partnership with the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.

NGCSU seniors reported acquiring more job or work-related knowledge and skills; the ability to analyze quantitative problems; working effectively with others; developing a personal code of valuse and ethics and the ability to speak and write clearly and more effectively significantly more often that seniors at other institutions.
NGCSU continually boasts the highest graduation rate of Georgia's 13 state, and 2 regional, universities.

School name:North Georgia College & State University - The Military College of Georgia
Address:82 College Circle
Zip & city:GA 30597 Georgia

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North Georgia College & State University - The Military College of Georgia Military School Location

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