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Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military Academy offers, within a military structure, a college-preparatory curriculum that develops well-rounded young men and women who are equipped to succeed in college and have the self-discipline, integrity, and leadership skills necessary to reach their potential in life.

Our mission is to motivate and develop young people to become good and productive citizens. We strive to develop responsible leaders while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as American citizens. The JROTC program uses classroom instruction, outdoor adventure activities, and exciting extracurricular activities to develop the cadet's confidence, leadership skills, values, and sense of community service. Cadets participate in drill and ceremony three times per week, the rappel tower, firing range, or obstacle course weekly, and the below extracurricular activities of their choice.

OUR BELIEFS: • We believe in providing a rich intellectual environment that develops cadets by presenting them a college-preparatory curriculum focused on enhancing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. • We believe in establishing a strict military structure that will enhance a cadet’s opportunities for success by emphasizing leadership skills, self-discipline, and self-reliance. • We believe in maintaining a safe and productive learning environment for young women and men in which they receive equal opportunities in all areas of campus life. • We believe in continuing to recruit a diverse cadet corps from the United States and around the world in order to promote respect for individual and cultural diversity. • We believe in fostering parents’ involvement in their cadet’s education by encouraging parents to communicate directly with faculty and staff, to monitor their cadet’s progress, and to show interest in and support for school activities. • We believe in inculcating the values of self-discipline, respect, and honor in order to establish in our cadets a sense of integrity that will make them responsible citizens. • We believe in sharing the responsibility for learning. Faculty provides well-organized, challenging, stimulating, and informative curricula. Staff provides support, correction, and guidance. Parents offer support for the program by insisting that their cadets adhere to the rules and complete their courses of study. Cadets accept personal.

The philosophy of Oak Ridge Military Academy is to stress the importance of preparing students for college and for life by teaching them the attitudes, information, and skills they will need to successfully meet the requirements of a college curriculum. It is the philosophy of Oak Ridge Military Academy that this personal and academic development can best be achieved through a comprehensive program which addresses the development of the total person. This program includes a challenging, college preparatory academic curriculum; a leadership program administered through the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Leadership, Education, and Training (LET) curriculum; physical education; and development of personal integrity through the Academy honor system.

The Corps of Cadets is organized as a battalion that is comprised of several line companies and Headquarters Company. A cadet's rank and position within the Corps are determined by academic and military performance, participation in Oak Ridge Military Academy activities, and demonstrated leadership potential. All cadets are required to adhere to the regulations and policies outlined in the Cadet & Parent Handbook and the provisions of the Cadet Honor Code and Creed.

School name:Oak Ridge Military Academy
Address:2317 Oak Ridge Road
Zip & city:NC 27310 Oregon

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Oak Ridge Military Academy Military School Location

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