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Phoenix Military Academy

Team teaching is a strategy used at many grade levels in many schools. Its success depends on how teams are structured and how well each team stays on task. At Phoenix Military Academy the English and Social Studies teachers comprise a team, and the Mathematics and Science teachers comprise another team. In a concerted effort to tie together content areas and promote across the curriculum learning and activities, team teaching can achieve great success. Team members should have common planning time, work together to develop lessons, and create strategies that benefit their students. Here at Phoenix, it would behoove us to share positive information and work habits about students and any other information that may affect student learning. It has been said that students take over more of a responsibility for learning when they know their teachers are working together.

School name:Phoenix Military Academy
Address:145 S. Campbell Avenue
Zip & city:IL 60612 Illinois
Phone:(773) 534-7275

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