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Sarasota Military Academy

The mission of the Sarasota Military Academy is to provide high school students the highest quality education possible, incorporating the principles of leadership, discipline, patriotism, and honor in a military environment. Our primary intent is to help enable students to become productive citizens and to help them shape their futures into satisfying and fulfilling lives.

The vision of the Sarasota Military Academy is to provide an institution of academic achievement unequaled within the educational community of Sarasota County, the State of Florida, and the United States. We intend to become a model of charter schools that will be exemplified throughout the country. This standard will be emulated in every facet of school operations: individual student achievement, excellence in staff and faculty, classroom management, student organizations, extracurricular activities and community involvement.


• All students can and should be challenged to learn.
• Education and academic achievement are the chief priorities of our school.
• Each student should be treated respectfully and as a valued individual and should treat others with respect and courtesy.
• Daily formation, paying respect to the flag, and wearing of military uniforms by students, faculty and staff throughout the school day provide the appropriate atmosphere for discipline on our campus.
• Parental involvement is essential to the learning process and complements the efforts of teachers, staff, administrators and community members in our shared responsibility to provide a successful learning environment.
• Providing specialized and varied classes (fencing, self-defense, aviation, sailing, and equestrian) within the school day is an incentive for students to attend school and to enjoy the experience while developing diverse lifetime skills.
• Establishing clearly defined rules, with structure and discipline in the classroom, provides the best learning opportunities for students.
• The highest standards of education, having clear goals and expectations for student achievement, should guide classroom activities and curriculum development.
• A variety of instructional techniques employed in every classroom will support the different ways individuals learn.
• Students should be provided assessment tools that fairly offer each the opportunity to demonstrate success in learning.
• All students are life-long learners and each should be encouraged to continually seek self-improvement.
• Students will bring honor to themselves, their family, their community, and the United States of America.

School name:Sarasota Military Academy
Address:801 N Orange Av.
Zip & city:FL 34236 Florida

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Sarasota Military Academy Military School Location

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