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St. Catherine's Military Academy

Our military program provides a structure in which our boys can rise to their potential through effort, hard work, practice, cooperation and self-discipline.

St. Catherine's is the only elementary, day-boarding Academy who accepts students in its boarding program as young as the 4th grade (younger is reviewed on a case-by-case basis). Our residents include boys from throughout the United States, Latin America and Pacific Rim countries. Our dormitory staff offers the boys an environment that allows them to feel secure and cared for as well as provides an experience that fosters rich, lifelong relationships with their peers.
Our music program is a testament to our belief in the importance of music in the lives of our cadets. We provide musical instrument instruction to more than half of our student body. You can see our marching band in various parades throughout southern California.

Our extensive athletic facilities allow for the cadets to focus their energies in a variety of different sports. Our athletic program boasts league titles in flag football, basketball and volleyball.

We are the only Academy in our country which instills in boys beginning in kindergarten, the military code of discipline and honor, respect for oneself and others, and leadership qualities. St. Catherine's endeavors to builds self-esteem in the entire cadet corps.
Through our bi-weekly reports and three formal Drills, cadets are recognized for their achievements and constantly encouraged to strive for excellence in each and every aspect of school life. Their individual accomplishments are recognized along with their efforts made at the company, or team, level.

Our youngest cadets (kindergarten and first grade) are slowly assimilated into the military aspect of St. Catherine's with the wearing of the uniform and the earning of academic recognition through the awarding of military ribbons at the bi-weekly award ceremonies conducted by the military; however, they do not drill with the military nor do they earn rank.
At the second and third grade levels, cadets can earn "junior" ranks of Private First Class, Lance Corporal and Corporal. For grades four through eight, cadets can earn the ranks (in order) Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, various ranks of Sergeant, 2nd and 1st Lieutenant, Captain and Major.

Cadets in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades also receive leadership training. During this time the boys look at life situations and discuss ways of dealing with them. Alumni are invited back to these sessions, to discuss with the cadets the lessons they learned while attending SCMS. More importantly, they explain to the cadets how these lessons have helped them deal with the situations they face on a daily basis in their adult life.

Our military staff provides positive role models for each cadet, helping him understand, develop and value the qualities necessary for leadership.

School name:St. Catherine's Military Academy
Address:215 N. Harbor Blvd.
Zip & city:CA 92805 California

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