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St. John's Military School

St. John's Military School is a private boarding military school for male students from grades 7 to 12 (middle school through high school). The school aims to develop students' leadership and academic skills in a structured learning environment. The vision of St. John’s Military School is to provide the nation’s finest military education for middle and high school students. The mission of St. John’s Military School is to provide each Cadet with the opportunity to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, and physically in a structured environment. We at St. John's believe we have many unique advantages over other military schools.

St. John’s holds fast to academic excellence providing countless opportunities for young men to achieve their full intellectual potential. The school has a small, 10:1, student to teacher ratio. There is up to 3 hours per day of additional instruction available for each student. St. John's is also a college preparatory school that is designed to equip students with the resources necessary for a post secondary education.

One of our many traditions is our commitment to the spiritual development of a young man. This remains a constant at St. John’s Military School. Our cadets attend religious services at least three times a week and because of our special relationship with the Episcopal Church, our campus priest acts as our full time chaplain. Boys with other faith traditions are welcomed at St. John’s and we believe that exposure to other religions can be an important element in moral and ethical growth.

Secondly, we use the military environment for order, structure, and the development of individual responsibility and leadership skills. We recognize and reward our cadets with military rank and decorations. Our desire is to motivate young men and to recognize their achievements. St. John’s military program, Army JROTC, is designed to create and develop productive citizens.

St. John’s will continue to honor the physical development of young men. Cadets are required to be involved in an interscholastic sport or to be an active participant in our physical training or intramural program.

School name:St. John's Military School
Address:P.O. Box 5020
Zip & city:KS 67402 Kansas

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