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St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

Step onto the St. John's Northwestern campus and the school's values come into quick focus. Here is a school where honesty, respect, and self-discipline have taken deep root. The boys and young men who attend our school take part in a lifestyle that demands more, one that results in the strengthening of character and the development of leadership. Established in 1884, our founders' legacy is one of time-honored values and time-tested principles.
Our thousands of graduates boast about their high school experience. They became men at St. John's Northwestern and harnessed a potential many of them never imagined possessing. They went on to college and to careers with an advantage they learned to appreciate more and more with every accomplishment. We are different than most other schools. Our difference is the unique culture that is St. John's Northwestern Military Academy.

As a premier boarding school for boys in grades 7-12, we provide a distinctive environment defined by four simple cornerstones for success: character development, academics, athletics, and leadership. By exploring the pages of this website, you will learn more about how young men can become accomplished and happy. You will see why building an education on our cornerstones is vital to the success of our cadets.

At St. John's Northwestern, young men learn that with discipline comes character. Perfecting daily tasks emphasizes the importance of focus and detail. Attending chapel twice a week encourages ethical decision-making and worship. Volunteering in the community teaches personal growth. Finding satisfaction in these tasks brings rewards and strength in school, sports, friendships, and family.
It takes grades to make it through school, it takes character to make it through life! We invite you to join our family.

As a premier boarding school for boy in grades 7-12, we provide a unique environment defined by our four cornerstones of success: character development, academics, athletics, and leadership. Important elements of these cornerstones are bulleted below:

Boarding school for grades 7-12
Day school for grades 7-8
All male
325 cadets from most states and 10 countries
Teacher to student ratio: 1:12
College preparatory curriculum
Daily tutorial available
Learning center
College counseling
Jointly accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) and North Central Association (NCA)
Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps (JROTC).

Mission and values:
"We believe in the development of the mind, body, and spirit of each individual. St. John's Northwestern is founded on time honored values and traditions such as honesty, integrity, duty, honor, and country.
Cadets at our Academy find an environment in which they can build self-discipline, self-esteem, academic focus, and intellectual curiosity. Your son's commitment to excellence will help him mature into a responsible young man.
St. John's Northwestern Military Academy provides the training ground for young men to "work hard, play hard, pray hard."

Why should you choose St. John's Northwestern Military Academy? The answer is simple in many different ways to many different families:

To strengthen character

Character is the link between ethical values and behavior. It's the ability to express ourselves in an appropriate manner as we face life's challenges. Unlike personality, character can be learned. As an integral part of campus life, cadets take part in an ongoing program to enhance character. Character traits are introduced and discussed at all levels of campus life from the barracks to the chapel. Cadets leave St. John's Northwestern with a deeper appreciation for living life with honesty, respect, acceptance, and patience.

To achieve academic excellence

With your first step into a classroom, you will see a difference. With an average of 12 students per class your son will be getting the individualized attention he deserves. Teachers at St. John's Northwestern understand that your son is unique. With fewer students, our teachers have time to get to know him and help him discover that spark which will motivate him to be the best student he can be. They are able to encourage academic strengths and detect problems making adjustments quickly enhancing his academic self-esteem. The single-gender environment gives your son an academic edge. Our teachers care about your son. They understand the cadet lifestyle and this understanding brings mutual respect. As a part of the St. John's Northwestern experience, teachers not only interact with cadets in the classroom, but as advisors, coaches, chaperones, and mentors. When you integrate daily tutorials and supervised study halls into this unique military school culture, your son will have the resources he needs for academic success.

To be physically and mentally fit

You do not have to be an athlete to attend St. John's Northwestern, but you will need to participate in sports or club activities. Cadets can choose to participate in a wide range of traditional interscholastic sports teams, some of which he may not have been able to participate in at a larger public school. He can also choose among our specialty clubs such as riflery, raiders, and aviation. In addition, his company competes against the other companies for the prestigious Superior Company title leading to an Honor Company distinction. Unit fitness competitions in climbing, rappelling, obstacle course, and military drill and ceremony are ongoing and provide unique challenges experienced only by a St. John's Northwestern cadet. Whatever activities your son chooses, he will be challenged physically and mentally and expected to demonstrate character and leadership skills such as teamwork, commitment, self-discipline, and sportsmanship.

To become a leader

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. These are the seven values of leadership (LDRSHIP). Modeled by faculty and staff, these values permeate all aspects of campus life. While at military school, your son will have the ability to move up in rank and gain additional leadership opportunities as he lives up to these values. As a part of our leadership training program, he will also participate in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), which is recognized as an "Honor Unit with Distinction" among the top 20% of units in the nation. Its mission is to motivate young people to be better citizens and is designed to teach leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.

School name:St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy
Address:1101 North Genesee St.
Zip & city:WI 53018 Wisconsin

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