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University of Washington NROTC

The Seattle Area is an ideal setting for the NROTC program. Both the University of Washington and Seattle University, founded in the late 1800's, are located in the heart of Seattle, a city known for its scenic beauty and naval heritage. The Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Bangor Trident Submarine Base, Naval Station Everett, and Bremerton Shipyard are all nearby, affording every midshipman (an NROTC student) a close-up view of their future opportunities. The University of Washington is the largest single-campus university in the West and boasts nationally renown colleges of engineering, oceanography, and business. Seattle University offers a private school alternative to the University of Washington while sharing the benefits of NROTC through cross town enrollment, for nursing option only. Midshipmen who attend Seattle University as full-time students participate in weekly drill and Naval Science classes at the University of Washington.

The NROTC student is free to pursue most areas of study offered. However, the Navy encourages students to major in technical fields such as engineering, mathematics, physics, or chemistry, as this type of degree will prepare the prospective officer to meet the challenge of a technical and sophisticated Navy. NROTC can help students achieve academic goals. A mentoring program has been established to lead and assist students to academic and personal success.

School name:University of Washington NROTC
Address:Naval Science Box 353840
Zip & city:WA 98195  Washington
Phone:(206) 543-0170

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