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Military Students

Welcomes Military Students. Using your education benefits to earn an industry-current degree can be your strategic military advantage.

Military Schools strongly supports the military with achievable, career-focused college degrees.

When you find yourself wondering how to make a student resume in a military way, you should ask fellow military students and the career services center at your school to see sample student resumes and get advice on your own resume. You can also use online tools to give advice about student resume tricks and get downloadable resume examples for free.

Female cadets
International students
 Female cadets
Young women also can study in a military school, she receives a opportunity to grow and develop in a coeducational environment.
 International students
The International Military Student office provides administrative and academic support to International Military Students.

Military School Life

Military School is an educational institution that trains students in the Military arts and sciences. Military Schools are designed to bring discipline, structure and instill the value of hard work. Military Schools have been helping students that have struggled with traditional school. Military schools give students the structure environment that students need to stay focused in school.

A. K-12 Military Schools

These private Military schools are an alternative to public or private schools. Ages ranging from 12-18, most schools only accept junior high school, and high school students. Student's day starts generally from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Students schedules generally includes progressive academic curriculum. Students also participate in extracurricular activities such as basketball, or debate teams. Privileges are on a merit-based system where students can move up in rank and leadership simulating military life. Military Schools are not recommended for students who have significant problems or are "out of control".

B. Specialty Schools

Specialty Schools are designed for students with significant problems or students that are out of control in their home, school or community. Student schedule starts from 6:30 a.m. and goes to 9:30 p.m. Structure and discipline is emphasized stronger to help students build life changing habits. Generally the students are able to excel in academics because of the tight structure and dedication towards academics. These schools also work on a merit system,but also incorporate strong emotional growth, character building and personal development components.
What Is The Differnce Between a Military School and Specialty Boarding School?

C. Military Colleges

Military colleges are designed to help students prepare for Military life, public service or a great platform for transferring students into 4-year colleges. Military colleges simulate military life more than traditional Military schools. Putting emphasis on academics, students will learn good college study habits that will prepare them for life. Leadership is highly emphasized helping students with a head start on a military career or future jobs. Military colleges also include extracurricular activities, and growth in social skills with a diverse social group.