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Female cadets

Female cadets

Building self-confidence and self-esteem through positions of leadership gives our female cadets real-world experience that they will face throughout their lives. All cadets are treated equally, firmly, fairly, and consistently. Our young women are given a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop in a structured coeducational environment.

Young women cadets at Military Schools enjoy the same challenging curriculum, both in and outside the classroom, in which male cadets currently participate. Small classes, a structured environment emphasizing leadership and character development, an exciting extra-curricular program including the opportunity to learn to fly.

Military Schools has much to offer a young woman looking for excellence in her education. Sports are a vital part of a young woman's education experience also and Military Schools gives the ladies a chance to excel on the playing fields. In these military schools is important to control some medical values that will control the health and fitness condition. Among medical analysis, include those that measure body fat or our BMR. However, it also you can try online tools like this women bmr calculator that lets you know the amount of daily calories for a woman to take each day.

Our young ladies show respect for the uniform as well as our young men do.