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Why a Military school?

Why a Military school?

The mission of the Military Schools is to prepare young men and women for advanced education while developing the individual character required for success

Some military schools have remained all-male, such as the prestigious ... Of course, military schools can seem more like another planet to the average teen

Military Schools can provide a level of structure and discipline that is often needed during a young man's adolescent period.

Some young men come to Militarys Schools with aspirations to one day attend a prestigious university or service academy, others come because they especially enjoy a structured, military environment. Others attend Military School because of the parents' determination to give their sons the best possible opportunities for a successful future.

In the Military school, the objective producing leaders who will want to make more of a difference, will foster change, build community, take action, communicate vision, understand responsibility, embrace sound ethical direction and decisions, and possess and engender Marine Military Academy Core Values.